Hi-Lecture 2019

Light & Color

This lecture will focus on light and color in architecture,
in developing the building envelope, and interior space.

"The sun never knew 

how great it was until it hit the side of a building."

- Louis Kahn 


 In recent years architects have been primarily focused on data driven design processes with the sun, but Kahn highlights what we empirically know: that we can speak of light in architecture in both qualitative and quantitative ways. 

As architects we deal with the sun at two levels in buildings. One, at the threshold of entering the building, where we seek to keep out heat at specific times (at higher EM wavelengths), let it in at other times, and to let light in and keep out glare. Once inside the building we ask how to amplify or supplement light. It is here, inside the building that we often discuss the more qualitative and subjective qualities; In the illuminated building we discuss space and color. 

We will discuss design responses at the building exterior and at the interior surface. We will speak of the opportunities and challenges of the recent data driven approaches to filtering the sun as it reaches the building, geometric responses to the movement of the sun, volumetric responses to the movement of the sun, and fabrication technologies that have enabled these designs. Inside the building we will discuss ways of diffusing light and spreading light on interior surfaces, the large open spaces bathed in light that we believe are characteristic of healthy social spaces, and color as way to bring life into spaces.

Ryan Otterson & Yewon Ji

Ji/Otterson is a collaboration between Yewon Ji and Ryan Otterson, combining both international work experience under influential practices, and shared architectural tenets.

Ryan Otterson, AIA, NCARB / Behnisch Architekten

Ryan graduated with Distinction from the Harvard University Graduate School of Design with an M.ArchII degree in Architecture, and a Masters in Architecture from the University of Kansas, earning the Thayer Medal for design.
He currently works as an architect at Behnisch Architekten in Boston, and is a registered architect in the state of Massachusetts. In addition to him current teaching appointment at Architecture Studio at the Northeastern University.

Yewon Ji / Behnisch Architekten

Yewon graduated with highest distinction from the University of Kansas with a Master of Architecture degree. Yewon also studied at the Universität Stuttgart, where she studied and worked as a Research Assistant for Werner Sobek in the Institut für Leichtbau Entwerfen und Konstruieren (ILEK). Yewon currently works as an architectural designer at Behnisch Architekten in Boston.